Friendly Introduction Between Teams Interning At Bitarchitects & Charity Donation

On Thursday, July 2nd, 2022, The Charity Donation interns had the pleasure of meeting the team interning at Bitarchitects, an architecture counterpart enterprise behind the Charity Donation Foundation, led in Washington DC.

Over the course of the one-hour meeting, the motivated participants introduced themselves whilst explaining their roles in their respective organizations. Additionally, interesting presentations regarding both organizations were given, highlighting the history and mission behind both of them.

The conversation was characterized by a sense of friendship and respect, as both teams shared anecdotes and amusing remarks about their experiences.

The meeting concluded with a message of unity, as all participants were delighted to find the similarities between their work, noting the importance that architecture and charity play in building a more promising future for forthcoming generations.

Charity Donation interns presenting organization’s Powerpoint
Bitarchitects interns presentating their projects

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