Bitarchitects Launches Its Spring Internship Program 2023

In its third initiative and after the success of the Fall Internship 2022, Bitarchitects has officially launched the Spring Internship Program on Monday February 6th, 2023. More than one hundred and thirty five young architecture students and young professionals from more than six different countries applied, however only fourteen passed the rigorous screening. The process is constituted by four different stages: CV resume, letter of intent, portfolio screening and an initial architectural aspiration interview, then a second personal interview to finally resume with a twenty four-hour competition project. 

The fourteen picked interns from Lebanon, Brazil, Tunisia, Dubai, Guatemala & the United States of America will be prepared for realistic architectural work, US building codes, and regulations while enhancing their interpersonal skills through this internship.

The twelve-week competitive program will take place virtually, supervised by business and design professionals. During which, the interns will work on schematic projects, technical research, design modifications, construction specifications, and various different projects while mainly concentrating on the communication skills needed in the architecture profession. The interns will gain knowledge in soft skills, architecture, construction and networking. 

Bitarchitects as one of the fastest growing startups in the Washington DC area is committed to giving back to society by enhancing collaboration with young professionals, boosting their self-confidence to prepare them to handle the problems and obstacles of the real architecture world. 

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